To hire a freelancer OR a company. What to choose?


Today it is pretty much common for people to develop their own website or create a startup. When you have such an idea, you start looking for a competent developer or company that could fulfill all your requests. So, who is better to choose, a freelance developer or a software company?

What is the difference between them?


Definitely, we all know that hiring a freelancer will be cheaper than hiring a company. In some cases, we don't need to overpay for the company services, if we have a small project with small risks. But if it is about a big one with high risks and dependencies, remember the saying, "A miser pays twice."

Skill set

Independent freelancers mostly have expertise in a couple of specific fields. At that time, a software development company can propose a wide spectrum of services - there is a developer for each request :D


In order to receive a 5-star review from a client, a company can work for 2-3 years on one project. Trust is built over years.

On the other hand, freelancers may cancel the project if something goes in a way they don’t like. There is more chance that freelancers can con you. Unfortunately, this is the truth ;(

Legal part

Have you ever met freelancers who solve all the legal parts, such as accounting and taxes? If yeah, they handle it on their own.

But when you work with companies, you don't need to care about preparing contracts. They will prepare all documentation required to start cooperating. 

What about maintenance

Who will handle maintenance after the project is launched? Maybe you will work with the same freelancer, but in most cases, you will have to look for a new candidate since they are not interested in doing maintenance.

A software development company commits itself to project maintenance even before the start of the project.

To summarize

A freelancer or a company? We don’t know, really. It depends on your case. What’s your budget, what’s your scope. Is it a risky project or not. It's up to you to choose, but remember the saying: “We aren’t rich enough to buy cheap things” ;)